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Scope of Business

  Patent Affairs
    Undertaking to handle various matters in every stage of patent applications and thereafter, including patent consultation, writing application document, examination and re-examination procedures, revocation, invalidation and assignment of patent application right and patent right, case control after authorization;

  Trademark Affairs
    Providing consultation and services handling the registration and renewal of trademarks, the assignment of trademark and obtaining trademark licenses, etc.

Providing services for the IP owner on putting on a record in customs and taking the customsactions.

Law Affairs

  • Providing consultation to all IP (including patent, trademark, copyright, illicit competition) matters in PRC, and offering the legal opinion;
  • Providing services on mediation on ownership and infringement disputes in respect of patent right, trademark right and copyright; Offering the legal opinion as well as investigation, evidence collecting and litigation; Warning the infringementer;
  • Acting as permanent legal or IP counselor for trusting organizations and individual citizens;
  • Acting as legal or IP counselor for trusting party during the negotiation;
  • Providing services on protection for IP right in customs.

Copyright Affairs
    Providing consultation and services for the protection of copyright, including registration of computer software

Technology Trade and Technology Service

  • Providing consultation and services during the procedure of technology transfer, exploitation and licensing of patent. Acting as the medium or agent in the technology trade.
  • Providing services for client seeking cooperation fellows and investment items, drafting the technology contract, inspecting the development of contract, handling the record for technology contract.
  • Making technology cooperation and technology development items with various enterprises.
  • Providing the latest information of technologies and products.
  • Providing the feasibility research to subjects and investigation and evaluation to the market of technologies and products.
  • Proceeding with the research of Intellectual Property and Law.



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