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Filing A Trade/Service Mark Application in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, operates itself Legal System. A trademark registered in mainland of China is not automatically effective in Hong Kong.

    For filing a trademark application in Hong Kong, Applicant is suggested to provide the following documents:

a) At least one clear representation of the trade/service mark if it is in black and white; but at least 22 representations thereof, if it is a colored one.
b) A list of goods/service items, preferably with international classification.
c) Applicantกฏs name and address in English, as well as status of incorporation (limited, unlimited, partnership, etc.).
d) For an applicant located in Japan or Korea, its name should be given in both English and English spelling of its pronunciation. For instance, ABC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. + ABC Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha.

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