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Guide to Proceeding with Trademark matters in PRC

Filing for Trademark registration
    The necessary documents provided by applicant are;
    1.Order Letter indicating the name, address and nationality of the applicant, and the name of goods which will use the trademark; If the applicant has had its Chinese translation name, please also provide it to us.
    2.Power of Attorney in duplicate signed by applicant;
    3.15 specimens of the mark; if color is claimed, 4 more pieces in black and white should be provided
    4.For trademark used on pharmaceutical products, medicine, nourishing food and food for baby, certificate of authorization of manufacturing and /or marketing the production issued by the competent government body of the applicantกฏs home country should be submitted.
    5.Priority certification document (if claiming priority).
    1.Power of attorney in duplicate signed by applicant;
    2.The original registration certificate of the mark;
    3.10 specimens of the mark
    1.Power of attorney in duplicate signed by applicant;
    2.The necessary certificate documents;
    The above documents must be lodged within 3 months from the date of publication of the opposed mark.
    1.power of attorney in duplicate signed by the assignee;
    2.Application for assignment of the registered mark signed by both assignor and assignee;
    3.One copy of the registration certi